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New Year = New Habits

December is junk food season. Somehow, no matter how hard I try, it just creeps in. Cookies, fudge, pasta, alcohol- you name it.  It just kind of ramps up the whole month to some sort of grand, over the top…

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The Perfect Diet

The Perfect Diet There are several diets out there that hold claims to improved health, reduced risks of chronic health issues such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. So really?  Which is the best diet to follow? It’s easy…

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Slowly but surely Spring has arrived. The dark days of Winter are finally behind us. Spring is a time of renewal, of growth and movement, of fresh air, sunshine and rain. It is an excellent time to shed…

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Immunity Lots of viruses and infections are going around right now. Partially, due to the time of year; the colder, wetter months tend to stress our immune systems. Partially due to re-introduction to more people again after being isolated from…

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