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New Year = New Habits

December is junk food season. Somehow, no matter how hard I try, it just creeps in. Cookies, fudge, pasta, alcohol- you name it.  It just kind of ramps up the whole month to some sort of grand, over the top…

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Cancer Support

The Big C I’ve gotten to the age when a significant number of people that I love have cancer. Some are sicker than others, some are dying, and some will likely recover. Cancer is a frightening diagnosis. It carries a…

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How To Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

How To Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables Beaverton Farmer’s market is open again. It always brings me great joy to see all those vibrant vegetables and sweet berries like a rainbow under Oregon skies and to hear the sound…

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Be My Valentine

February is a time when we show others, we love them and for me, of growing older. (My birthday!) And that makes me think of hearts. Our hearts make us tick. They beat blood to our cells and allows each…

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