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Ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen molecules. It has been utilized and studied for medical use for over a hundred years, particularly for treating local infections, disinfecting water and treating many diseases. During World War I, it was found to be anti-inflammatory.

Ozone therapy has been studied and used for several decades. Inhaling large amounts of ozone gas is irritating and toxic to the lungs, but, if used topically, as an injection or intravenously, it is capable of stimulating the immune system, activating the blood and improving mitochondrial function and reducing pain and inflammation.  It is also capable of inactivating and treating several infections including bacteria, viruses, and fungi when applied topically. As such, it has become more widely used in dentistry.

Medical use of ozone has been around for over a hundred years. It has been used to treat infections, purify ponds and swimming pools. In the late 1800’s, Dr John Kellogg used ozone to treat diphtheria.

A process called major autohemotherapy, where the blood from a patient is mixed with ozone, and reinfused back into the blood stream has been used since the 1980’s. It has been safe for a variety of chronic illnesses. It is oxidative and thought to help clear cell membranes of toxins, infections, and upregulating antioxidant defenses.  It’s used in this way readily throughout Europe and is gaining popularity in the US and Canada as well.

Who will benefit from ozone therapy?

Ozone works best in conjunction with other therapies such as diet, improved detoxification, hormone optimization, sleep and exercise.

Ozone increases oxygen to tissues of conditions with low oxygen utilization often experience benefit from treatment.

  • Exercise intolerance
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Chronic disease
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Pain and inflammation

At Singing River, Dr. Means uses ozone infusions as well as topical and injected therapies for infections, inflammation, and chronic health issues leading to reduced stamina and low energy.

Ozone infusions are best done in a series of treatments, usually 10-20 sessions.

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