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Dementia is an umbrella term for impaired cognitive function that affects memory, judgment, and the ability to fulfill basic tasks such as selfcare. In dementia there are changes in the brain that impair its ability to function correctly. Dementia affects over 3 million Americans every year.  The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s.

There are a number of things that can impair a person’s memory or impact their ability to think clearly. Chronic illnesses, exposure to toxins, diet, genetics and trauma all can contribute to cognitive changes.

Treating underlying conditions is important to reversing cognitive decline.

PREVENTION is particularly important. If you are noticing changes in your ability to add simple numbers or learning a new task, when in the past this has not been an issue, it is time to address the issue. Do not wait. Reversing cognitive decline is much easier if addressing the issue early on, rather than waiting until you can’t tie your shoes.

Dr. Means is a certified ReCode practitioner. Following the protocols of Dr. Dale Bredesen and Apollo Health ( she can help develop a comprehensive treatment plan to address underlying health problems that can lead to dementia.

Treating Alzheimer’s and the Bredesen Protocol

Can you reverse Alzheimer’s? That is the question of the century for sure!!

I believe it is possible to reverse it! And I’ve seen it happen.
But it takes dedication and hard work and a good support system, especially if a person has already been diagnosed with dementia.

Of course, the best treatment is prevention. It is critical to start taking care of your brain earlier in life and to watch for markers of decline.

Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia.  It affects memory, thinking and behavior. Often the earliest problem is the inability to learn new tasks or remember new information.

It mainly affects people 65 years and older but in some it can come on in their mid-30s and 40s.  Sixty million people are affected worldwide. It affects women more than men. If you have a family history of Alzheimer’s, it means you are at a higher risk as well.

The rate of Alzheimer’s has been increasing.

Microscopic changes in the brain begin years before any signs or symptoms may become apparent. The brain begins to shrink, especially the hippocampus. Neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques develop, cognition slows.

Risk factors include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, brain injury, toxin exposure, infections, genetics, hormonal decline and Down’s syndrome.

As I’ve said, the best treatment for Alzheimer’s is prevention: through diet, exercise and reducing exposures to neurotoxic chemicals and medications if possible.

The Bredesen protocol is a comprehensive program developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen, a neurologist, dedicated to preventing and reversing cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s through holistic/functional medicine and lifestyle changes.  The ReCODE and PreCODE systems found through Apollo Health are the results of many years of research and development to treat (ReCODE) and prevent (PreCODE) Alzheimer’s.

According to Dr. Bredesen, there are six types of Alzheimer’s.

  • Inflammatory – More common in APO E4 carriers (genetic risk factor) if elevated C-reactive protein (a blood inflammatory marker), elevated homocysteine. There may be underlying issues with dental infections, elevated blood sugars, poor diet.
  • Atrophic: from loss of hormonal support (early menopause, hypothyroid, low testosterone, etc.) May also have genetic component (APOE4) May see nutrient deficiencies, low DHEA, vitamin D.
  • Glycotoxic – (thought to be a combination of inflammatory and atrophic) from elevated blood sugars, diabetes, insulin resistance + loss of hormonal support. Diet and exercise are key.
  • Toxic: affects younger people. From exposure and accumulation of toxins such as heavy metals, mold exposure, infections, glyphosate and other toxins. May have chemical/environmental sensitivities.
  • Vascular: History of cardiovascular disease, elevated lipids
  • Traumatic: brain injury leading to dementia.

The key to treating Alzheimer’s is to identify the contributing factors and the main type or types of dementia, then repairing everything that is repairable. This includes diet, exercise, treating underlying toxins and infections and improving hormone status.

ReCODE and PreCODE programs through Apollo health can give you tools to help identify the areas where you need support and guidance to get you started. Dr. Means is a certified practitioner with ReCODE 2.0 and PreCODE and is glad to work with you on your journey to restoring your health.
She has several years of experience working with Alzheimer’s patients and has had success with reversing their cognitive decline.

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