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Love your mother!!

Ways to nurture the mothers in our lives.

It does not really matter how old we are.

Seed cycling can help support menstrual irregularities and is high in essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation, fiber that will improve digestion and contains proteins and prostaglandins. Men can do this as well.

Herbs to build the blood – red raspberry leaf, nettle, alfalfa, yellow dock are all gentle herbs that can be useful during our menses or just when we are feeling worn out.

Magnesium is great for menstrual cramps, sleep, headaches, constipation, and jaw clenching.

Folate – in the form of leafy green vegetables and in vitamins is important in pregnancy, protecting the spinal cord and brain from defects. It is best used early in pregnancy of if a woman is of childbearing age and is at risk for pregnancy. I like it as folinate or methyl folate instead of folic acid.

For PMS – vitamin B6, Magnesium, lavender, lemon balm is all helpful.

For nursing mothers – fennel tea, fenugreek help with milk production.

For menopausal hot flashes – black cohosh, maca, wild yam.

For sleeplessness – melatonin wild yam

By Jennifer Means, ND, LAc

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