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Application For Financial Assistance

Singing River Natural Medicine offers financial assistance for its services to eligible individuals. Based on your financial need, a reduced assistance may be available.

You may be eligible for financial assistance if you:

  • Meet financial assistance guidelines and
  • You provide Singing River with the necessary information about your household finances

The process for applying for financial assistance includes these steps:

We will use a sliding scale, based on federal poverty guidelines, your income and family size to determine the level of assistance available to you.


Your application must include copies of any of the following documents that apply to you. Please attach copies, not originals, as Singing River will not return any documents sent with the application. If any of the documents are missing, we will not be able to process the application until the missing documentation is provided.

If you have income – attach proof of your household income, which may include:

  • Social Security 1099 forms or award letters
  • Unemployment or workers’ compensation award letters
  • Pay stubs for the last month
  • Tax return

If you have no income:

  • Send us a letter of support – the person who provides your support must sign this letter.

Completed and signed Financial Assistance forms must be included in your request.

All awards of financial assistance are at the sole discretion of Singing River Natural Medicine. We may change or cancel this program at any time. The terms of any assistance awarded will expire after 6 months, at which time you must reapply for Financial Assistance.

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