Singing River Natural Medicine provides excellent, effective and affordable Natural Healthcare for the entire family. At Singing River we recognize that healing means more than alleviating uncomfortable symptoms. It requires looking at the whole person and discovering the root causes of illness.  We consider the mental, emotional and spiritual as well as the physical aspects of our patients’ lives in order to help the patient achieve a state of health. With great warmth, compassion and respect, we work with our patients on their journeys to health.

Located in a beautiful, green-certified office in downtown Beaverton, Singing River Natural Medicine is owned by Jennifer Means, ND, LAc.  Dr. Jennifer has a unique capacity for integrating Western Naturopathy with the ancient Eastern art of Acupuncture. She brings a broad perspective to her practice and welcomes the opportunity to help her patients with all types of conditions. She serves as a primary care physician and also provides complementary support for those who are undergoing conventional treatments.

At Singing River we keep a well-stocked natural medicinary of the highest quality nutritional supplements, herbal tinctures and homeopathic medicines.

Notes from Singing River

Plastic Is Poison

This week my son did a video for school on the millions of tons of plastic floating in the Pacific Gyre and the toxic effects of even a small micro-sized chip of that plastic. We looked at horrifying images on line of mountains of plastic bags and bottles, and sea turtles mistaking plastic bags for[ read more ]

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The Sun, Skin Cancer and Vitamin D

Summer is here in the Northwest — a little early, but it’s here. The temperatures are unusually hot for June-uary. Usually we need to sing the blues for the sun to come out. I know many people love it—and I love the sun, but it’s the rain that makes our corner of the world so green, so I miss rain.

Because of our frequent gray skies, our indoor lifestyles and our use of sunscreen when we do go outside, most of us Oregonians are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is a powerful immune modulator, can improve mood and energy, prevents preterm birth and it’s pivotal in calcium absorption and bone health. It comes primarily from the sun. In fact, there are very few foods that are good sources of Vitamin D.

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